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This article is associated more with the game itself than with the modification RTCW but the fruit of my research will help us to make real the game more in terms of veracity a locations and for you this article will be interesting curiosity.
Do any of you wondered if Castle Wolfenstein is real? I thought about it quite often and was looking for answers to this question but my search did not last too long and ended in a fiasco. I thought of Castle Wolfenstein is entirely an invention of the creators of the game and never the lock did not exist. Some time later I decided to look more closely and I found this!
In the game, a man named Jack Stone - Assistant Director of OSA, in the intro first mission says Castle Wolfenstein is located in the Harz Mountains in Germany and it was the first clue! Within these mountains there are two castles in Wernigerode and Quedlinburg. The first architecture does not like, lack of information on whether anything happened there during the Second World War - any interesting information. Well, here I disappointed, but there is a second lock: Quedlinburg - a city founded in the 922r. by King Henry I the Fowler and hope returned here.
As you know, the last boss in the game called Henry I and biography of the two men in a certain part is correct, except that the game designers have added him some supernatural powers. Henry in the game was killed in the year 943 by Simon Rover, and the real Henry I died in the year 936 or similar date.
Mosaic depicting the coming of Quedlinburg the coronation of Henry I
Now a little about the structure. The castle is situated on a hill above the city, but unfortunately this is not as big hill like in the game and there is no roller coaster leading to the city. The castle is connected to the collegiate church of St. Servatius So it can be assumed that VILLAGE1 shows the city is under lock and Collegiate is the second part of the mission of the Castle Wolfenstein CASTLE.
      Collegiate Church St.Servatius                                  View of the castle hill
Merian engraving
What's more authentic Collegiate along with the crypt that there was propaganda was seized by the Nazis in the thousandth anniversary of the death of Henry I and also 1000 years after his death, the action takes place RTCW. Heinrich Himmler saw himself as a re-incarnation of Henry I. SS took the crypt of St. Wiperta with the church of St. Servatius to locate the remains of Henry. As was the case in the game held archaeological research there, except that the game was about the resurrection of the King - and here another and the last analogy.
                        Towers Collegiate                                       The destroyed towers at game 
                    The interior of Collegiate                                  The interior of level "Castle" 
I hope my article was intrigued and motivate you to once again fire up this amazing game and look for other interesting and if you find something interesting - please write. Thank you for your attention!
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