Here you can share your ideas.  Sent to link with graphics projects
Here you can share your ideas.  Sent to link with graphics projects
Sean Davey26 June, 2015

I noticed you're going to add the African levels from the console ports to your mod. I also noticed your using the PS2 version of those levels to help you recreate them in your mod, you should really use the Xbox version of the levels instead. There a lot better looking on the Xbox port and the level layout of the maps have a more PC feel to them as well. Will the Egyptian Mercenaries be used in the African levels in your mod?:

Will the mod feature the other Xbox exclusive enemies, the Occult Priests and the X-Shepards?:

Will the mod also feature the shotgun from the Xbox port?:

How are you going to do the new cutscenes that were added to the African levels?


Gregor Graphics Studio28 June, 2015

Thanks for interesing. Sorry for being late answer on the question. I do not doing a port of the Xbox to the PC , because it is impossible because the files there can not read. I create this map from scratch. Would like to give these enemies the Occult Priests and the X-Shepards, because i don't know how adding animation models. We need help who know creatiung animation maker. I have shotgun model. When to find the code where can add additional weapons.

Sean Davey30 June, 2015

I checked out the new image of the African maps you uploaded on this site, you did a excellent job on recreating the maps. One thing you should do is change the sky texture from day to dawn to make it look more like the sky from the Xbox port, including it will give the African maps a better atmospheric feel to them as well. Here a image from the port to help you:

You should put a help wanted ad on one of your RTCW Remake sites asking people that you need help on getting the Egyptian Mercenary, the Occult Priest, the X-Shepard and the Shotgun to work on your mod and maybe ask for help on making the African maps and the new cutscenes that were made for those maps as well.

Keep the great work on this excellent mod.

neutralizer30 September, 2015

Is it possible to bring this all over the multiplayer?

C.Z.R RTCW REMAKE17 November, 2015

It's not posible at this moment. Bers@Wolf is only for Single Player

Seint30 November, 2015

Original game was created with Idtech 3 engine, you do the mod with the same engine, is there a way to get their better tech engine that has physics for creating dead bodies and better weapon falling and more other things?

Seint30 November, 2015

P.S. from where to download the mod? Moddob site dont have mirrors left.

Zombtroll17 March, 2016

You should add multiplayer from wolf ET (or at least try) because that would give this mod more attention and get more people to play the mod once it's released. Keep up the good work!

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