Progress work Beta 2.0      21% done STOPED!

- Fixed Escape1 .bsp , soldier falls by the stairs.
- Fixed Escape2 .bsp, scripts and error G_SPAWN:NO FREE ENTITIES
- Fixed Tram .bsp, scritps error at end level Kreslar
- Fixed Forest. bsp, scripts error
- Add new configs at menu game
- Add more widenscreen resolution and more turn on and off options and change FOV at game without using console.
- Fixed all sky missing at more levels
- Add two new models weapons- panzerfaust and grenade
- Fixed Norway.bsp and optimal this map.
- Added small underground- you can go to level Bunker2*
- Add remap Chateau.bsp
- New texture knife and glove 
Dev#7 4.05.2016
Dev#6 07.03.2016 
Assault remap
Dev#5 03.02.2016 
Welcome fans. A lot of people were curious about how the new map prisoner camp. So we put the new screenshots and the progress of new models of weapons and equipment. We hope you're happy. Please leave comments. Until next time.
Small remaps and fixed Escape2
New model Tesla
More small progres models
Small leaked new other maps
More screens at work new maps "Prisoner Camp"
Dev#4 26.01.2016 
More new small screens for working new skins enemies to increase appetite ;-) I hope you're happy?Do see next dev.
Dev#3 16.01.2016 
Hello folks!A lot of people have written to me or I'm not kidding with this premiere. No, this is not a joke.Because we still have to spend the beta 2.0. Currently, the work finally gained momentum. Members finally take a job. We are working on models of weapons, more skins enemies based on real facts.Colleague is also working on another new map. Created up to that point , two additional maps associated with the plot. Escape0 and Crypt3. More information will be in February. Best Regards!
We working on new skins ussing real facts.
New skins at game
Small leaked for work new map
Small bonus for fans. Chateau panoramic. Clik on picture.
Dev#2 28.12.2015 
Welcome after a long time. Unfortunately, we did not succeed beta 2.0 finish this year. We do not have much time for this work at mod. Modeler and textures C.Z.R needs to buy a new card. He has more problems at computer. Marek stopped the development of the work more maps. The others memeber team did not resound and no new progress. Unfortunately this work has been stoped again. We look forward to helping in cooperation with TITEUF-85 after the premiere mod The Dark Army.
We give video of configuration options and more new screens. 
This is small leaked for works at Beta 2.0
More screens
Special thanks for donations:
Remigiusz Wesolowski
Andre Weissflog
Ryan Goulet
Ihar Yafremenka
Maciej Sieradzki
Lewis Cox
Dev#1 26.08.2015 
We would like to inform that we've started again to create remake.For now, we are working with maps and we try to add some new improvements associated with enemiesand equipment. For example, soldier with flamethrower has a backpack.Did actually one has a backpack? Instead of backpack, we've added tanks what is more realistic.We upgrade some original models to better version. 
Some small details and changes
A small detail but it makes environment more interesting. We still uprate orginal and new textures, we fix various detailsand the most important is optimization on remaps. There is a lot of work but we don't be discouraged. We've discovered possibility of changing size of enemies.It will be a lot of fun in this.
The new model of the gas cylinder instead of a backpack, is logically
We proudly report that two new helpers join our team - Mateusz Barański and Marek Winnicki. Mateusz is working about texts and professional Polish translation to game.And Marek takes care about maps. Congratulations to new mates. We hope that cooperation will be very good. Till next news. See ya!
New models of hands during work to fit into any kind of weapons
RTCW Remake Mod
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