Team work

Gregor Graphics Studio
Mirtyński Grzegorz- Gregor
Map designer, creator, graphics editor, textures, models
Ress Project
Szydlik Cezary - C.Z.R
Textures, creator, sound editor, 3D modeler. scripts
More helpers
Mateusz Barański  - working about texts and professional polish translation
Marek Winnicki - creates new maps - crypt3
Mateusz Gałka - offered us a model luger
Alen Šabanović - 3D model creator weapons
Join to us!
We need peoples who
know programing, animations and scripts at IdTech3. There is the
possibility of cooperation on gtk radiant. Can you, would you like to
try? Write message with your knowledge and We well send task. When you done task and You can to join this team. Not looking for people what they want just five minutes of fame. 
            Alen                                Cezary                               Gregor          
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